Why our sound is better!

As most of our staff are first and foremost musicians themselves, we know how critical the equipment you use is to the sound of vocals and music. We try our best to use only professional quality gear even at the risk of the wear and tear of nightly use by both the pro's who attend our shows and the first time singers! Below is a listing of some of our gear:

We use high quality Shure 58 series wireless mics and UHF diversity receivers in our main rigs. These mics are widely recognized by professional musicians as the standard for performance stage vocal mics and give your vocals the best possible reproduction. The UHF diversity receivers allow for the least amount of interference from other wireless devices

In our main setup we use the EMX5014C which boasts 500 watts per channel at 4 ohms or 325 watts per channel into 8 ohms. Our secondary system runs with the ElectroVoice PSX600 which can crank 325 watts per channel at 4 ohms or 200 watts per channel at 8 ohms. Both of the powered mixers sport excellent digital effects sections which produce some of best sounding reverb and echo in the industry. When mixing into a clubs house system we employ a Yamaha MG12/4FX non-amplified mixer that boasts Yamaha's excellent Digital Signal Processing (DSP) effects section.  This is also the mixer that is used when we run our EV powered speakers (see below).

After using several different speakers sets, we've settled on Electro Voice SX300's as our main midrange drivers. Both primary and secondary rigs use these speakers which can handle up to 800 watts each! When the gig is in a larger venue or outdoors, we combine the midrange speakers with Electro Voice SX180 powered sub-woofers that can really THUMP! When used together the sound is AWESOME!  When the situation calls for a quick and clean setup, we also have a set of EV SXa100 powered speakers that work very well with the non-powered Yamaha mixer described in the mixer section.

Digital playback of Audio and Video (the computers):
As Information Technology specialists in our day jobs, we have been working with computer systems since, well, since before most folks even owned computers! Needless to say, all of our systems whether used for audio playback or video playback were built by us. Rather than give you all the "geek-speak" details, let's just say the the workstations and servers we work with during the day have nothing on our DJ systems! And yes, ALL OF OUR FILES are legal digital copies and we have the DISCS to prove it! Rich started this business as a traditional DJ using discs and we strictly adhere to the code of ethics that we use only licensed music for both dance, and karaoke music. Believe me, it was no easy task converting his discs! We did it all ourselves, (like this page) another cost saving step we can pass on to you!

Video Displays:
You will be hard pressed to find a CRT monitor at any of our shows as we use only LCD's for our displays. When a larger display is contracted we use a high quality HD Epson LCD projector. This means that music videos, your slide shows and even karaoke lyrics are bright and colorful even in bright light environments. When a club has limited space or requests that we use their existing video equipment, we have the converters and devices to facilitate that request.  For an even more stunning presentation, when space permits, rear projection to a screen that is part of our DJ booth is an eye catcher your guests will not forget!

Dance Lighting:
From the simplest of strobes to sophisticated lasers, we have them all! We can light up a corner of your affair or fill the hall with dazzling lights. Most of our equipment is American DJ, a highly respected brand. We can setup lights that are centerpiece types and require no stands, or use a full truss that will allow up to 8 light fixtures across a 10 foot span! And of course a little fog makes can make those lights look even better!